WholeBody Massage Therapy, Inc.

Eileen Monaghan, Licensed Massage Therapist


Why Choose a Massage Therapist who is certified in Prenatal Massage?

A Massage Therapist that is Certified in Prenatal Massage has received extensive training on the physiological changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. They understand that you need extra attention paid to specific areas, you need modifications in how you lay on the massage table and they are educated in high risk pregnancies and can adapt to your needs. There is a confidence to their massage that you may not find in a Massage Therapist with little to no training in Prenatal Massage.

I base your massage on what you tell me and we formulate a session that is right for you. If I need to contact your OB/GYN or Midwife, then I will to guarantee your session is safe for you. We can incorporate stretches, myofascial release, reflexology, or lighter pressure if edema is present. You can schedule 30, 60 or 90 minutes and you don't have to be on your side the whole time. We can also position you in a modified supine position (lying on your back but elevating your upper body and legs) to work on your neck, legs and feet.

Not all pregnancies are the same and not all pregnant women want the same massage. I am here to make sure you are treated as an individual and you receive the best massage for YOUR needs.

Menu of Service

Services specific to Fertility/Prenatal/Postpartum

60 Minutes (Prenatal/Postpartum)     $60 

60 minute massage $60

Enjoy 60 minutes of relaxation. Several different techniques are used including myofascial release, stretches/range of motion, and reflexology to ease those pesky prenatal symptoms away. Leave feeling rejuvenated.  60 minutes is usually lying on your side however I do have a bolster that allows you to lie face down.  You may request that bolster when scheduling your appointment

75 minutes (Prenatal/Postpartum)      $70

75 minute massage $70

Need a little more than 60 minutes but don't want 90 minutes? 75 minutes is the perfect amount of time!  You can request to lie in any position.  I have several options for bolstering.

90 Minutes (Prenatal/Postpartum)   $85

When you need a little more love, try the 90 minute massage which is just a little more of everything you love about massage. More stretches, swedish moves and other techniques keep the discomfort at bay.  90 minutes allows you to lie in any position you feel most comfortable.

Fertility Massage

A specialized and effective protocol, developed by Claire Marie Miller, that includes Craniosacral holds, castor oil packs and abdominal massage, reflexology, deep pelvic techniques, shiatsu points and aromatherapy. This is a perfect session for a woman trying to conceive (or planning on trying to conceive within the next few months). This treatment is tailored to meet each client's specific needs. Fertility massage is encouraged for both the woman and her partner.

Your initial session will be 2 hours and includes a consultation, castor oil pack and a 4 oz. bottle of female fertility massage oil and typically lasts 2 hours. Additional sessions are typically 90 minutes.

First session (2 hours) $145

Additional sessions (90 minutes) $105