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Prenatal Massage

Posted on 29 May, 2016 at 20:35

You're pregnant!  It is an exciting time in your life.  Pregnancy is a wonderful gift for some women.  The little one moves and kicks.  Your friends and family dote on you every chance they get.  Even perfect strangers are excited for you.  There are few things that compare with having a baby.

There are some not-so-fantastic parts of pregnancy too.  Weight gain, feeling like your body isn't yours anymore, back and hip pain, swollen feet, constipation, swollen or tender breasts, fatigue and nausea to name a few.  Random people coming up to you and just touching your belly, unsolicited advice, some people treating you like you are made of glass; I'm sure the list could go on.  You don't have control with some of these things but there is something you can do for the back and hip pain, swollen feet, fatigue and a host of other physical issues that come with this blessing.  Massage!

There are lots of new studies out there that shows how beneficial massage can be during pregnancy (at any stage). Here is one! Massage has been shown to help with back and hip pain and fatigue.  It may also help decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and mood, and may also help with the pain associated with labor and delivery.  

Most Massage Therapists have some training in prenatal massage.  Going to a Massage Therapist that has advanced certification in prenatal massage is the best thing to do because they have taken classes that are specifically made for the pregnant woman.  We learn techniques, grow confident in our abilities and are not afraid to work (really work) on the pregnant body.  We have different positions for you to get in, special bolstering for your changing body and, the best part, WE WANT YOU TO COME TO US!  I have books and exercise videos for you to borrow.  I feel comfortable contacting your doctor if you are high risk and unsure if you can receive massage.  I have also become a certified reflexologist specifically so I can work on reflex points that can help with constipation, sinus problems, hip pain, etc.  I believe massage is beneficial during all trimesters and will never turn you away in your first trimester or third trimester.

Most pregnancy websites will tell you to find someone who has special certifications in prenatal massage so the massage is catered to your needs.  Your doctor may even tell you to find someone who specializes in prenatal massage.  It really is the best idea for you and your baby. Schedule your massage today and start reaping the benefits massage can offer.  

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